While some women get it at the day 12 of the cycle

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Novartis Pharmaceuticals lists over the counter medications including pain relievers, Excederin and Bufferin, the stimulant, NoDoz and the gas relieving medication, Gas X as those that may have been impacted. Prescription drugs, Percocet, Percodan and Opana are also potentially involved. Pictures of each medication has been posted on the company’s web site and everyone is urged to inspect and compare all of their pills before they take any of them.

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The league is seeking $42.5 million from the federal government if there is to be a 2020 season, which Moe called one of the hurdles that needs to be crossed. CFL is a gate driven league and it doesn have the revenue sources that the NHL would have in the way of other agreements with broadcasting companies and sponsorships, Moe said. The CFL is to have an amended season, they would need support from the federal government.