Too say things didn’t play out as hoped for the Blue

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The fans also still hold out hope for the NHL’s return. Between beers and glances at the big screen, the talk Thursday night, as it often is when Whalers fans gather, is how to make that happen. Two years ago, hopes were raised as the New York Islanders scrambled to find a new home the governor even reached out to the NHL but the team wound up settling on a new location near Belmont Park..

Scott Arniel axed in Ohio no surprise. Tough break for Arniel. Too say things didn’t play out as hoped for the Blue Jackets this year would be a grotesque understatement Is this one of those gigs that ruins a guy’s reputation to the point that he won’t coach in the league again? Remember George Burnett?..

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On the surface, the idea sounds great. After all, residents have been calling for citizen oversight of the city PD since last August, when two white Springs police officers fatally shot 19 year old De’Von Bailey, a Black man, as he fled with a pistol in his shorts. A grand jury didn’t charge the officers in his death.

He graduated in 2011 and moved to Toronto to start building his career. Hunter said the support he received from his community in Red Lake and from Sault Ste. Marie gave him the confidence to focus all of his time and passion to his artwork. That caused some discord in the dressing room. Bobrovsky performance was uneven for much of the season and at times frustrated coach John Tortorella. But when he got hot down the stretch so did the Blue Jackets, winning seven of their last eight games and sliding into the playoffs as the second wildcard in the Eastern Conference.

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